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Artists Alley Condos Phase 2 – 234 Simcoe St

Art imitates life. This is the vision behind Lanterra Developments’ newest condominium in the heart of the city. A fusion of Michelangelo’s David and Rodin’s Thinker. A true sculptural landmark. This is Artists Alley Condos, Lanterra’s magnum opus.

Artists Alley Condos is located between Simcoe and St. Patrick Streets (234 Simcoe St). A stone’s throw from downtown’s famed art corridor, a new sculptural landmark is set to rise. A condominium inspired by art and infused with design. A canvas to express your zest for living. Introducing Artists Alley Condos, a master-planned mixed-use community with residential, office and retail. Distinguished by Toronto’s newest “alley” – a winding pathway that connects Simcoe with St. Patrick, a bustling promenade lined with shops, cafes and inspiring art, a place to meet, greet and socialize, a place to see and be seen.

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The building will be 36-storeys with 310 residential units.
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Artists Alley Condos – The three towers

There would be in total of 918 units ranges from 340 Sqf to 950 Sqf.

Re-envisioning an entire city block at University and Dundas, infusing it with art, creativity and life. Three glass towers of varying heights and massing, with and iconic alleyway winding through the community connecting Simcoe Street with St. Patrick Street.

Stunning architecture by the renowned award winning firm of Hariri Pontarini created three unique glass towers of varying design, all distinct with special architectural features. Award winning Studio Munge designed amenity spaces include two elegant lobbies, 24-hour concierge; indoor lounge area, party room, equipped fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub, and a separate outdoor lounge area with barbecues. Suite features include laminate flooring, porcelain tiles, Studio Munge designed kitchens with quartz countertops, ceramic tile backsplash, stainless steel and paneled appliances.

The first tower

The first (North Tower) 39- Storey residential tower. It soars into the sky, a vision of shimmering glass and slender vertical bands. There would be 393 units, in addition the amenities would be on the 2nd level.

The second tower

The second(South Tower) 36- Storey building. it has a 4- Storey office block at the base with the upper floors given to residential suites. There would be 310 units. The amenities would be on the 5th level.

The third tower

The third (West Tower) 17-Storey building also residential has a unique architecture simulating stacked rectangular boxes with open spaces in between for outdoor terraces. There would be 215 units and the amenities would be on the 2nd level.

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artists alley phase 2 floorplan 7-34

Download Phase II floor plans! (Building 2 – Floors 7th to 34th)

Welcome home to Artists Alley Condos, exclusive access Phase 2!

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    bachelor1 bedroom1+12 bedrooms2+13 bedrooms

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    Floor Plans

    Floorplate Building 1

    Blush Studio - Phase 1

    Jet Studio - Phase 1

    Onyx Studio - Phase 1

    Jasmine Studio - Phase 1

    Maroon One bedroom - Phase 1

    Mauve One bedroom - Phase 1

    Azure One bedroom - Phase 1

    Sunglow One bedroom - Phase 1

    Lavander One bedroom - Phase 1

    Sage One bedroom - Phase 1

    Jade One bedroom - Phase 1

    Silver One bedroom - Phase 1

    Saffron One bedroom - Phase 1

    Begonia One bedroom + study - Phase 1

    Ruby One bedroom + Study - Phase 1

    Copper One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Navy One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Violet One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Cyan One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Mint One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Walnut One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Citrine One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Taupe One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Olive One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Sienna One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Crimson One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Russet One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Royal One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Viridian One bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Tangelo Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Indigo Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Cardinal Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Mango S Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Moccasin Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Cinnamon Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Mindaro Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Orchid Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Midnight Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Linen Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Amaranth Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Scarlet Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Magenta Two bedroom - Phase 1

    Carmine Two bedroom + Study - Phase 1

    Emerald Two bedroom + Media - Phase 1

    Lilac Two bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Vermillion Two bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Regalia Two bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Celadon Two bedroom + Den - Phase 1

    Mandarin Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Aquamarine Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Mahogany Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Moonstone Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Persimmon Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Ultramarine Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Sapphire Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Imperial Three bedroom - Phase 1

    Burlywood Three bedroom + Den - Phase 1

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    Artists Alley Condos – 234 Simcoe St
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